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PRN Knee Pad - Speed JR
34,95 € (pari)

PRN Knee Pad - Speed JR

34,95 € (pari)


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PRN-kyynärpäätuki, joka tarjoaa räjähtävän suorituskyvyn.

PRN Knee Pad Junior tarjoaa optimaalisen tuen ja suojan nuorille urheilijoille. Rehbandin ainutlaatuinen anatominen rakennetekniikka varmistaa optimaalisen anatomisen istuvuuden. Flat-lock saumarakenne tarjoaa voittamattoman kestävyyden ja mukavuuden tunteen. Perforoitu, 5 mm paksuinen SBR/neopreeni pitää polven lämpimänä ja parantaa kosteuden poiskulkeutumista.

Perustuen Rehbandin pitkään kokemukseen anatomisesta muotoilusta, PRN-tuki tarjoaa ensiluokkaisen kompression samalla, kun se ylläpitää liikkumisen joustavuutta. Tämä laadukas tuote sisältää innovatiivisia muotoiluelementtejä, kuten ainutlaatuisen anatomisen leikkauksen ja fiksun saumarakenteen, erinomaisen mukavuuden aikaansaamiseksi. Veluurinen Diamond-suojapehmuste tarjoaa matalan kitkan, joka varmistaa upean liu'un iskujen vaikutuksesta.

Toiminnot & käyttökohteet:
• Polven etuosan kipuoireyhtymä ja patellofemoraalinen kipuoireyhtymä
• Vammojen ehkäisy lisääntyneen verenkierron kautta
• Suojaa polvea osumien ja iskujen yhteydessä
• Lievittää pehmytkudoksen ylirasitusta
• Yleiseen kipujen ja iskujen ehkäisemiseen

Tärkeimmät ominaisuudet:
• Myydään pareittain
• 5 mm paksu

PRN Knee Pad Jr 5mm Pair on luokiteltu lääketieteelliseksi tuotteeksi ja myydään pareittain.
• Cover: 100% Polymide
• Foam: 70% SBR, 30% Neoprene
• Lining: 100% Polymide
• Padding: 70% SBR, 30% Neoprene
• Pestään lämpimässä vedessä 40 °C (104 °F) samanväristen tuotteiden kanssa. Käytä pesupussia. Muotoile kosteana ja anna kuivua ilmavasti.

Washing instructions - Rehband PRN Knee Pad - Speed Junior

PRN Knee Pad - Speed JR Toiminnallisuus

Rehband-tukien tärkeimmät ominaisuudet ovat lämpö, kompressio ja kehon tiedostamisen vahvistuminen. Yhdessä nämä muodostavat ainutlaatuisen yhdistelmän, joka ehkäisee loukkaantumisia, parantaa suorituskykyä ja auttaa kuntoutumisessa. Jokaisella tuotteella on omat erityiset tuloksensa.
  • Feeling of safety

    Feeling of safety

    Feeling of safety

    What is intended and meant by a ‘feeling of safety’ is that regardless of the activity, an active person should feel safe, and be safer during their work-out. One should not need to worry about an injury, or the risk of getting one, when trying to focus on making an important movement while competing or preparing for a crucial moment in a game.

    Through an anatomical fit, Rehband products stay in place during workouts. The benefits of receptive input and compression result in more stability and control as well as other highlighted advantages covered in this section. All in all, the performance improving functions and psychological feeling of being supported are both achieved when exercising with Rehband products on.

  • Injury prevention

    Injury prevention

    Injury prevention

    Injury prevention is central to living an active life. Injury prevention and activity should go hand-in-hand. Prevention not only includes wearing the right type of preventative gear suited for an active lifestyle, but may also include recovery in-between sets, warm-up and warm-down, stretching, staggering of frequency and dose of exercise, healthy eating, etc.

    Physical activity could very well be our cheapest remedy. Unsurprisingly, a vast amount of research shows that a high rate of physical activity improves the overall health and well-being of populations. In connection to activity, more or less severe injuries may occur, injuries which are often related to overuse. To prevent the probability of any injury occurring, but also to speed-up recovery if it happens, protective supports are of value. Preventative equipment is made for a reason, to prevent initial and recurring injuries. Rehband products are designed to reduce swelling, to protect the user from friction and hits, and to simultaneously provide increased stability and support to joints and muscles.

  • Performance



    Regardless the sport, activity or level - active people strive to reach better performance or to remain at a certain desired level. The combined functions of warmth, compression and strengthened receptive input result in a wide range of benefits such as coordination, improved balance, increased blood circulation. The combined results can increase performance in the chosen activity. The athlete is given the tools to reach new levels, new goals and undertake new challenges.

    Good performance depends on many different factors, such as sleep, diet, level of repetition and mindset. Improved technique, achieved by the improved coordination, balance, feeling of safety and proprioception, which the user receives from Rehband supports, is another factor which might improve performance. Regardless if one wears Rehband supports to to prevent injuries, boost confidence or rehabilitate an injury - the overall performance can be enhanced.

  • Save energy

    Save energy

    Save energy

    When the benefits of Rehband’s compression and increased receptive input are combined, energy is saved because movement is more efficient. Correct technique and energy efficiency play an important role for the success of any athletic performance. When jogging or running, the repetitive impact that occurs when your feet hit the pavement can stress joints and muscles. When wearing a Rehband support, some of this vibrational energy will get softened, resulting in less impact on the body, which can benefit tired and sore muscles and help prevent injury. This, in combination with the compression from Rehband supports reduces muscle oscillation and contributes to increased performance.

    Injuries tend to occur towards the end of a physical activity. When muscles are tired and focus is lowered, the head does not read the body as well anymore. As the usage of Rehband supports saves energy and allows you to stay more focused, prevention of injuries is achieved and a high performance can be maintained throughout the entire activity.

  • Stability



    Stability can be defined as the ability to utilize the body’s structures in the safest, most efficient positional relationships for the functional demands imposed on them. This is achieved by coordinating actions of surrounding tissues and the neuromuscular system. Along with mobility, posture, body awareness and balance, stability provides the foundation for quality movements.

    Take the knee for example, in order to move your knee back and forth without pain or problems, stability is required to counteract sideways movements, which reduces the risk for joint injuries. The functions of compression and receptive input in Rehband supports help activate the muscles which increase stability in the joints, without compromising flexibility. In addition, they provide greater relief to the user by making these small adjustments.

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